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Oilcooler for Rotax 912 - Laminova

A unique oilcooler that uses the radiator water to cool the oil. The oilcooler makes it faster to gain working temperature on the engine as well as providing an even working temperature despite ambient temperature and strain on the engine. The oilcooler has been tested in aeroplanes for more than 80.000 hours.

Laminova oilcooler is a unique solution for Rotax 912 engines.

The Laminova oilcooler works according to the same principles as a heat exchanger. The oil is fed through the oilcooler as well as water from the engines normal cooling system. All excess heat is being led away by the water to the radiator.
This system gives several big advantages:

Faster heating of the oil. Takes less time and less wear on the engine before normal working temperature has been reached
More consistent oil and water temperatures. The difference between oil and water temperatures are being kept to between 10-15 grader
Simpel installation: The whole system that a normal oil cooler woud use can be removed which leads to reduced weight and simplified handling. No regulation with valvas that a traditiona oilcooler woud need.
Less space: Laminova oilcooler can be place wherever in the engine compartment. No need for controlled air flow.
More information can be found on: www.laminova.se